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Aqua Literz 10-Year Shelf Life Specifications
One Aqua Literz is (1,000 ml | 33.8 oz) with resealable screw cap

Each Case Holds 12 units
Gallons Per Case: 3.17 gallons
Case Dimensions: 16” L x 8” W x 8.75” H
Case Weight: 29 lbs.

“As the leader for 23 years producing extended shelf life water for emergencies and disasters, Aqua Blox is proud to announce the world’s first ever 10-year Long-Term Shelf Life Aqua Literz water! 

How did this all come about?  To be the best we can be, we continually test and sample both short and long-term stored water.  One batch of water was set aside for 10 years in our warehouse. The day had finally come for testing. 

Another batch came from one of our customers who was ready to replenish.  This water was stored in a 40’ container for 12 years outside in the elements. Anyone who knows containers is aware temperature conditions can be severely elevated during the heat of summer. 

These two batches were finally opened, and the water tested.  ALL OF IT was approved to meet the rigorous Title 21 plus 50 State test standards.  And, it tasted as fresh as the day the Aqua Literz 6-layer packaging was filled 12 years earlier! 

No one else in the industry can boast these actual proven, tested standards and quality.  Our 10-year Long-Term shelf life water saves you time and money.  Place your order with us today!”  You have our guarantee!

Aqua Literz Direct Order Information

For more information, or to process an order for Aqua Blox, Aqua Literz or Bottled Water please contact:
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Call: (800) 959-4053
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