Aqua Blox Announces New 200ml 5-Year Shelf-Life Emergency Drinking Water Product

April 27, 2014

On August 27, Aqua Blox launched a 200ml slim sized package, replacing the 250ml size. The new 6.75 ounce package is assembled in a case of (32) units, with four shrink wrapped (8) packs. The standard pallet configuration consists of 119 cases or 3,808 individual units; the equivalent of 202 gallons of extended shelf life emergency water.

Aqua Blox 5-Year Shelf-Life Emergency Drinking Water eliminates costly bottled water rotations every two years. Over a five year period, that would equate to three bottled water rotations. The 200ml package bodes well for retail, emergency kits, schools, hospitals, the US military, federal, state, and local government emergency management, and the aerospace and mining industries.