6 Layer Packaging Design

The Most Advanced Emergency Drinking Water Package Available


This hermetically sealed package preserves the water by not allowing any light or air contact. There is no risk of unsavory taste due to water molecules penetrating packaging. Thus, you will always have tasty, thirst quenching water.

We offer the most efficient packaging in the industry

  • Municipal Water Source
  • UHT Pasteurized
  • Sterilized Packaging
  • No Additives or Preservatives


Aqua Literz are produced in aseptic facilities utilizing Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Pasteurization.

Our water has always been:
Certified Bacteria Free
Zero CFU’s


We are the most
Environmentally Friendly
packaging in the market today.

5-Year Shelf-Life Emergency Drinking Water

Considering the broad nature, scope, and length of emergencies that could contaminate public drinking water supplies, a “pro-active” emergency water response plan is essential because the availability of potable drinking water is vital for the survival, safety, and welfare of first respondents and victims of an emergency event.

  • Severe weather…hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, winter storms
  • Natural disasters…earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions
  • Pandemics…influenza, avian bird flu
  • Terrorism…homeland security
  • Bio terrorism…anthrax, plaque, Q fever, ricin, tularemia
  • Radiation emergencies…dirty bombs, nuclear blasts
  • Chemical emergencies…nerve agents, chlorine, toxic alcohols
  • Hazardous material transfers
Aqua Literz Products

The new one-step cap makes it easier for consumers to enjoy the products they love. Instead of opening a cap and then removing a foil seal or pull-tab, these two steps are combined into one convenient twist of the cap. With the interior foil seal and clearly visible tamper evidence ring, consumers can be confident the product is safe and secure.



Quality Packaging Design

Providing Long Term Shelf Life